Body to Body Massage

The body to body Massage is a deeply seductive
form of Adult Massage Therapy. Your mouth-watering masseuse
delicately introduces a warm infusion of pure, natural oil to your tired torso
whilst sliding and gliding herself against your intimate, erogenous zones.

Your maseuse will entice you to succumb to a state of rapture and
complete relaxation by massaging every inch of you with her magical hands
and lovely lithe body.

These rhythmic and sensuous body to body Massage slides, intricate tender
touch and slow soothing strokes will build you up to a racy rollercoaster
ride of excitement until at long last you release your tsunami of tension and
consequently feel revived and revitalised.

Tantric body to body massage is a wonderful way in which to view and celebrate the female
form in all its bare naked glory. The Body to Body massage experience is artistic and elegant,
enthralling and intensely erotic.

Sensual body to body massages are certainly not for the faint-hearted! Be
prepared to be dazzled and devoured! Mesmeric masseuses will take
you to the summit of pure hedonistic bodily pleasure and release you of all your
stress and tension. Isn’t it good to sometimes let another take control? Fulfil
those innermost secret fantasies with the most sensual body to body massage.

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