What Happens In A Day Of An Escort?

The girls who join in escorting do not work 24 hours and they may have other jobs that they inspire to do at the side. Escort in Boston may join the escorting business for many reasons. Some may be starving and struggling and want to succeed in everything they do. When this option of making money easily presents itself, then these girls decide to join. However, at a certain point, they may decide to stop if they start to fear that friends and family may find it out and they start to suffer panic and anxiety attack. They can also stop when they worry about the police or of their lifestyles are not good as they taught.

How much an escort make

The escort wants to make enough money whenever she is working. Some escorts may make between 600 up to 1,200 dollars every hour. It may be the best living for a limited time. It is like walking at the wall stress, you get in, you make the money and then you get out. Some girls can make 2000 dollars every hour and then work two hour minimum. Some can make up to 10,000 a weekend.

How much the agency makes

A booker or someone who organize the appointment, over the internet or the telephone, will get a 10 percent while for others; it can be 50-50 between an agency or a girl.

What the escort carry in the purse

The escort carries money, makeup, cell phone, girl things, lube and condoms.

How much the escort spends on the clothes?

The escort likes to shop as it happens with any other girl. They can buy Gucci’s and Manolos and any other thing that catch their fantasy

Why men visit escorts

Contrary to what some people think, most clients will only be looking to get companionship. They want to connect together with somebody and they do not want to get just an hour engagement.

Who is the typical client?

An average client for the escort is someone who is between 25-45 years old; he is well educated, well mannered, well groomed and well dressed. Some of these clients are hedge fund managers, businessmen, CEOs, Lawyers and Wall Street workers. At least a half of these men, they are single. The single guys who see the escort, they have full of the testosterone, they are super ambitious and they are the alpha male types. They do work hard and they do not have enough time of going to out or to date.

For the married guys, the men do not want to deal with secretary which may end up ruining the lives but when they see the escorts, they satisfy own physical and companionship needs without putting their marriage at risk.

Does she feel that she is doing something evil?

Some escorts do not think that they are doing something wrong. Even if the law may say otherwise, they are not based on morals and some escorts do not think that they are doing something malicious and evil while doing it.

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