When the women are in under escort agencies, they may use different pictures than the woman they have to send since they only send the girl who is available. When you book a girl from Tender Vegas, you will be sure that you will get the same girl since the agency does not use fake pictures. Some independent girls may decide to use the fake pictures simply because they are ugly. Sometime they only want to get more business by using a picture of a woman who is really beautiful or they only want to stay anonymous. For some people to book a woman who will come totally different as what they have seen, it can be waste of their money. Some people may think that they are talking to a local girl based on the pictures posted but in the end, they may find out that they were talking to someone else.

If you want to know that the pictures of someone are fake, keep the following in mind:

You may find automated links, which were injected into the auto generated sentences. You may also find some font characters, which are not encoded in the proper way. You can also find that the image are ads on their own.

  • Quality of the images

If there are different women in one post, it is possible that they are not the real images that are being used. The method used is known as bait and switch. You are attracted by a beautiful woman, but you meet someone else. Most of the real pictures, you will find out that the photos are not professional photos or the women in the pictures just look normal. You can also search the photos since some use the photos of teen idols, supermodels or porno stars.

  • Multiple posts

Even if some women may open different profiles, it is easy to spot a fake picture if the same picture has been used by different women with different names. Agency also can post one pictures under different names just for the sake of making the sale.

  • Ask

If you really want to meet the woman, you can still ask. You may want to be sure if the person you are talking to is not a cop that will trap you, a transsexual or a cross dresser. When you ask, you may be given the answer you are looking for. In the end, you have to know that most of the time; the pictures you find at the Backpage are fake. However, this will not stop since some men still pay for the girls’ service even if she was not the one in the pictures.